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Gabriel DropOut Specials

Genre: Supernatural , Special , Shounen , School , Comedy

Status: Ongoing Released On: May 2017

Plot Summary: Specials included with the Blu-ray/DVD release of Gabriel DropOut. The first episode is titled "Yukemuri Ryojō-hen ~Tenshi no Kiyoraka na Hada ni Semaru Akuma no Wana~." (Steam Travel Mood Story ~The Devil's Trap to Get Close to The Angel's Pure Body~). In the episode's story, the four main characters go to the hot springs after Vignette wins a ticket in a shopping center lottery. Satania plans to use a "certain item" to take Gabriel down a peg while they are there. However, she first has to get Gabriel, who would prefer not to move, to go to the hot springs with her.

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