JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin All Episodes

JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin

Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Historical , Martial Arts , ONA

Status: Ongoing Released On: Apr 2019

Plot Summary: Shen Jianxin is a security guard for Rye Scent Village, an average youth determined to become a legendary hero. While paying his respects at the prestigious Pure Yang Palace of Jianghu, he learned the palace’s ancestral secret manuals by accident. However, he was unaware of the power he gained. Thus, he entered Jianghu and gradually matured while experiencing the turmoil of Jianghu during the prosperous Tang Dynasty. An obscure security guard with unparalleled martial arts in Jianghu: who knows what storms are ahead?

JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin Anime All Episodes
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